First release available Summer 2020!

GEOSX is an open-source multiphysics subsurface simulator developed cooperatively by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Stanford University, and Total. Our goal is to open up new horizons in modeling carbon storage and other subsurface energy systems. These include:

  • Taking advantage of the ongoing revolution in high-performance computing hardware, which is enabling orders-of-magnitude gains in performance, but also forcing a fundamental rethink of our software designs.

  • Enriching the physics used in industrial simulations, allowing complex fluid flow, thermal, and geomechanical effects to be handled in a seamless manner.

  • Moving from structured to fully unstructured workflows, providing a better representation of faults, fractures, and complex geologic formations.

GEOSX is released under an LGPL-v2.1 license.

highlight image
Simulation of the fluid pressure distribution in a faulted reservoir due to CO2 injection through multiple wells. GEOSX provides a framework for modeling complex flow and geomechanical processes on next generation computing architectures. Credit: Geologic data courtesy Gulf Coast Carbon Center.